16 Breathtaking Reasons to Love ‘Ending Fear’

I’m thrilled to kick off the blog tour for fellow speculative author, Deanna Fugett. Her debut YA dystopian, Ending Fear, is finally here!

I remember critiquing her story on the main ACFW critique group years ago, Scribes, and in just a few short days, I get to hold a beautiful copy in my hands.

giphy (13).gif

Until then, I’ll have to content myself with my Kindle copy (not quite the same) as well as devouring all the blog posts after mine.

I’m going to her Facebook party July 20th too! There will be heaps of prizes and a good time had by all! Don’t miss it!

–> –> party here! <– <–

And now, Deanna gets to introduce some inspiring pictures and graphics (16 of ’em 😉 ) that give some background to Ending Fear as well as giving you, dear reader, an opportunity to connect with this talented author and win yourself some lovely book swag.

Here are some cool pictures telling a little bit about my story Ending Fear. I had fun making and finding these, and I hope you enjoy them and they make you a bit more excited about my debut novel coming out July 18th.Defeated.png

Fear is a slave. A slave to her family who show her no compassion. A slave to the Uppers who force the Downers to do their bidding with the threat of laser guns in the hands of the Sentinels. She’s strong, but you can only push a person so far.EF meme.png

When Fear finds a new family, they treat her with kindness. Something she’s never experienced. She’s not quite sure how to deal with it.The triplets.jpgThese three may look alike as far as the red hair goes, but their personalities couldn’t be more different.

I can’t wait for you to meet them on the pages. Especially Trouble. He’s named that for a reason.

Ending Fear.png

The harems are not a place anyone wants to end up. When Fear’s little sister is taken there, she must make a choice. Rescue the girl at the risk of death, or let her fear take over?

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the characters of Ending Fear as imagined by author, Deanna Fugett:

Fear Fear. She’s my MC. She’s pretty awesome. At least I like to think so.


CourageCourage. He’s smart, and a bit overconfident because of it.


HateHate. He’s the antagonist of the story. Tortured soul and evil go hand in hand.


CharityCharity. The Upper servant who takes Fear, Courage and Trouble under her wing.


TroubleTrouble. His name says it all. Biggest flirt ever. You can’t help but love him though.


ManlyManly. He’s the dreamboat. Hehehe. Come on now, every YA has to have one. It’s a rule, you know. 😉


MelodyMelody. She’s the friend. She’s a bit serious at times, but she’s kind.


HarmonyHarmony. The snob of the group. If she’s not horseback riding you can find her doing her hair or nails. Or possibly criticizing someone.


HappyHappy. Never short of spunk, this little one can sass you and still make you fall in love with her. She’s got talent.


FaithfulFaithful. Rotten in the kitchen. Really good at whining.

To further whet your appetite…check out the back cover copy:

Fourteen-year-old Fear learns she was a parachute baby, dumped over the edge of the Gliding Lands as an infant. Fascinated by the floating cities in the sky before, now she’s desperate for answers. But a slave isn’t likely to get those answers.

When her abusive Downer family throws her from their hovel, Fear takes refuge with a family who shows her love for the first time. Surely they can’t be trusted. Years of abuse has taught her that.

Then her brother discovers where she’s hiding and tries to kidnap her. Fear will never let him touch her again. Her new family conceals her at The Fallen, a ranch that hides parachute babies from the Uppers who discarded them.

Just as she’s beginning to embrace yet another home, Fear’s new little sister, Happy, is kidnapped and taken to the Uppers’ temple harem. Fear must go against her namesake, find a working hoverpod, and journey to the dreaded Gliding Lands before the little girl’s innocence is ripped from her forever.

Can she save Happy in time?

And will she find answers to the burning question of why anyone would throw her away?

Deanna’s also looking for people to join her street team!

Street Team.png

I would love some more Dorks to join my street team. If you love YA dystopia and/or want to help promote my books, join the rest of us Dorks on my street team by signing up here. I will love you forever and always!

We’re having a scavenger hunt to celebrate this new release. All you have to do is visit each stop on the blog tour, collect that stop’s clue, and put together the mystery sentence to enter. One lucky participant who correctly answers the question will receive (drum role, please): a signed paperback of Ending Fear and a coloring book (US only) or an e-book of the novel only for international entries.

–> –> Scavenger Hunt Form<– <–


Don’t forget to collect ALL fourteen words! You can find them at the various blogs below:

Are you as excited as I am for the debut of this fabulous story? 

You can purchase it directly from L2L2 Publishing’s website!


Deanna Fugett’s heart belongs to writing. Author of edgy YA Dystopian fiction with an underlying message of hope, this stay-at-home mom of four focuses on writing as much as humanly possible. She was published at the young age of six in a local newspaper and is excited to be published again. It only took twenty-six years. She enjoys the thrill of writing fiction that deals with intense topics and prays it will impact people for the better.




Social Media Links:

Thank you for joining me in welcoming Ending Fear into the world!


Jebraun Clifford always wanted to step through a door into an imaginary kingdom, so it’s no surprise she now calls Middle Earth home. Too short to be an elf and too tall to be a Hobbit, she lives in a gorgeous town smack-dab in the centre of New Zealand’s North Island filled with thermal activity, stunning lakes, and enough Redwoods to make her Californian heart swoon. Her unpublished YA fantasy, The Two Queens of Kyrie, won both the American Christian Fiction Writer’s 2015 First Impressions contest and the 2016 Genesis contest. She loves coffee, tree ferns, dark chocolate, and Jesus, and harbours a secret penchant for British spelling.

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13 responses to “16 Breathtaking Reasons to Love ‘Ending Fear’”

  1. Oh my, I am sooooo looking forward to meeting all these characters! And I LOVE there names! Seriously. They’re awesome.

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    1. Deanna Fugett Avatar
      Deanna Fugett

      Thanks, Laura! I kinda like the names too. 😉

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    2. Yes, the names strike a very ‘Hind’s Feet on High Places’ kinda feel ❤

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  2. Beautiful post, Jeb, and lovely character introductions, Deanna! So excited it’s almost here!

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    1. Thanks, Nicki. The pictures are all ones Deanna has found. I love ’em too!


  3. Michele Israel Harper Avatar
    Michele Israel Harper

    Love this post so much! (And Deanna’s street team is so much fun!) Thank you for this awesome post! 🙂

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    1. You’re so welcome! What a privilege to go FIRST 🙂


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  6. I recognize Courage from my kdramas! lol It’ll be fun visualizing him while reading. All the names remind me of Hinds Feet on High Places but it sounds very different and interesting!

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    1. Yes, that’s what I like about it–the names are powerful and very revealing of character 😊


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