Join my Street Team

What exactly is a “street team”?


I’m so glad you asked!

A street team is a gang of fearless fans who love what I write and want to tell all their friends to read it too.

And, being a member has PERKS!

While subscribers to my newsletters get special content like peeks of my WIP and e-book giveaways, if you’re a Fearless Fan, you can also expect:
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group to share your thoughts, talk about all things bookish (I’m a bit of a fan-girl), and chat with other Fearless members about anything and everything (if you’re not on Facebook, you’ll get an exclusive monthly e-mail to keep you in the loop).
  • To be the first to hear all brand-new news.
  • Promotional materials like bookmarks, magnets, and other do-dabs to pass around.
  • Promotional materials for you to love and keep.
  • Even more giveaways (because who doesn’t love receiving stuff?!?). Especially CHOCOLATE.
  • Bonus content like deleted scenes or short stories about your favourite characters.
In return, I hope you will (but don’t require you to):
  • Spread the word. Tell everyone you know (and if you’re really bold, perfect strangers 😉 ) about my books.
  • Buy my books. Purchase them when the preorder is available OR during the first week of release.
  • Support literacy. Ask your librarian to order my books.
  • Sharing is caring. Post news on social media and/or leave promotional materials in strategic locations like coffee shops, libraries, or your local bookstore (with permission, of course!).
  • Party like a rock star. Attend Facebook parties celebrating new releases and join the fun. You can even come in your pajamas!
  • Become a reviewer. Write your honest review for my books on Amazon, Goodreads, and/or other sites.
  • Tour the world. Participate in blog tours (if you’ve got a blog) or visit the blogs hosting tours and leave comments.

But, wait a minute, Jeb, you might ask, you haven’t actually published anything yet…why do you need a street team?

Well. One of my goals for 2018 is to either sign a publishing contract OR indie publish a story. To do either, I’m gonna need a street team. And it’s never to early to start building one.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, hop on over to to this Google form so I can learn more about you and join my Facebook group.

And thank you, thank you for your continued support. It means the world to me!

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