Encircled ~ an anthology from the Ever Afters

Experience six of the world’s most beloved stories in a whole new light! From historical to futuristic, these retellings will take you to an enchanted forest, a cursed castle, and far beyond. Venture to unknown lands on a quest to save a prince, a kingdom, or maybe even a planet. Encircled has something to offer every fan of fairy tales, both classic and re-imagined.

Featuring my science fiction short story, “Beyond the Stars, Past the Moons”

Astrid makes the mistake of landing on a derelict moon base above a planet with a corrosive atmosphere. Inside the base lives Milos, a lonely young man who always wears his space suit and a reflective helmet. The base seems familiar, like from a memory or dream. What isn’t Milos telling her? And why won’t he show her his face?

Milos waits for the one destined to break his curse. When Astrid arrives, he realizes she’s everything he’s dreamt about for the last five hundred years. Can she save him before the sorceress who imprisoned him wakes up and destroys them both?

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TITLE: Restore the Stars a retelling of Snow White

GENRE: YA Science Fiction

STATUS: rough draft

BLURB: Eighteen-year-old Alba Frost lives on Ringdom, a space station orbiting Hexon Three. She only wants two things: for her mother to recover from her injuries during a rebel attack on Hexon Three’s mineral mines and for her little sister to transfer to a better school. But Alba’s salary as a cadet for BrightCorp, Ringdom’s security force, doesn’t cover the treatment her mother needs, let alone tuition, so she participates in illegal fights to earn some extra credits. Then Celeste Bentley, Ringdom’s governor, offers to provide for Alba’s family in exchange for Alba to act as bodyguard for her playboy stepson, Nix. The catch? Report back on his activities. But the closer Alba gets to Nix, the more she realizes the governor is hiding something about the rebels and the true power of the newly discovered mineral in the mines. Alba needs to figure out whose side she’s on before she starts an interplanetary war.


“All right,” Daryn shouted in her ear. “Nightmare Nova might look tough, but you’ve got her.”

“Nightmare Nova?” Alba snorted. “Is that the best they could come up with?” She watched the Dregarian shift her stance. Was she favoring her right leg? “What’s my strategy?”

Daryn shrugged, his frayed jersey almost slipping off his thin, grey shoulders. He’d always been scrawny—Yngers were only three-quarters the size of an average human—but Alba swore he was looking more starved than usual. Most likely sharing his rations with his numerous siblings. “I watched her train. She’s slow. If you keep moving, you’ll wear her down.” He wrapped another layer of grimy fabric over Alba’s knuckles. “Use the terrain to your advantage. Don’t end up on the ground, and don’t get yourself killed, okay?” He wound the wrapping around her wrists and fastened the hook and loop closure.

Alba clenched her fists. “Course not.”

TITLE: “The Stone Veil”

GENRE: Fantasy Flash Fiction

WORD COUNT: 694 words

STATUS: Published in Havok magazine and available for free when you subscribe to my newsletter!

EXCERPT: One by one, each sister kisses my veil-clad cheek with the barest touch of lips to lace before hurrying back in line.

My sisters with their golden curls. Flawless skin. Limpid blue eyes. Then there’s me—I choke back the sob tearing at my throat. I won’t let them see me cry. Already I’ve been forced to give up everything. For their safety. For the kingdom’s sake. So I straighten my shoulders, tilt my chin to a haughty angle, and give them the merest nod as I pass by.

The Stone Veil

TITLE: The Two Queens of Kyrie Winner in the YA category of the 2015 First Impressions and the 2016 Genesis contests for ACFW.

GENRE: YA Fantasy

WORD COUNT: 80,000 words

STATUS: Complete revision in process

BLURB: Sixteen-year-old Tyrzah inherits an ancient bracelet that awakens a prescient gift within her. When her older sister, the newly-crowned Queen Samara, makes a treaty with the neighboring country Rhüghia, Tyrzah foresees the disastrous consequences. Her warnings go unheeded, and the high priest uses the ensuing chaos to further entrench the worship of the stars. The Nal, leader of the Old Ways, secretly anoints Tyrzah as queen, charging her to lead the people back to the Maker. Torn between saving her sister and saving the kingdom, Tyrzah must develop her emerging talent, dismantle a dangerous cult, and forge powerful alliances. Because only one queen can rule Kyrie.

EXCERPT:“This was Mama’s. I remember her wearing it.” Tyrzah’s fingers brushed over the jewel’s facets.

“It belongs to you now,” her father said.  

“Shouldn’t it be Samara’s?”

Her father shook his head. “No. Your mother was adamant. The bracelet goes to the youngest daughter.”

Tyrzah circled the milky pearls guarding the stone. A curious tingle streaked up her thumb. Like a spark jumping from fire-rock and iron struck together. She picked up the bracelet.

A powerful surge swept through her wrist and forearm. She inhaled sharply, almost dropping the bracelet. The contact was painful but exhilarating. As the pain intensified, her fingers curled around the bracelet. Her hand pulsed, her skin golden. Her bones were on fire. Clenching her teeth, she waited for flames to erupt out of her. The air crackled, and her hair lifted off her scalp.

Her pulse thundered in her ear, and the room disappeared.

Two Queens of Kyrie.png

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